Site of Unforgetting: What's underfoot

In August 2018 I was invited to develop and exhibit a new sound art piece as part of PRACTICE’s exhibition Site of Unforgetting, a site-specific exhibition at the historic, repurposed School 12 in Yonkers, NY. The original wall text for my piece, What’s underfoot, is below:

TITLE: What’s underfoot

MEDIUM: Audio fixed media

 DURATION: 16:20

 BLURB: Dan Schreiner’s What’s underfoot experiments with field recordings taken inside School 12 and found texts recorded by the artist. The texts distill and distort anonymous comments left beneath a 2011 online article reporting the soon-to-be demolition of School 6 in Yonkers. Applied to School 12, currently being repurposed and revitalized, these texts evoke the nostalgic power of history - both specific and universal - and how the building's current state between imagined past and possible future(s) create a sense of suspension and timelessness. 


site of unforgetting flyer.jpg
Daniel Schreiner